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Regarding our price listing

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

I am pretty sure as fashionistas you are all well aware about pricing and designer bags. Every so often, either every season or every year designers will increases their prices perhaps to adjust for inflation rate or perhaps for a mere marketing purposes. It’ll be impossible for DBC to continuously update prices on each entry so please refer to the post entry’s date for price approximation. Price is quite a sensitive subject in its own so we can’t guarantie a complete accuracy regarding price – it’s posted here to help shoppers to get a rough estimate of designer bag price before actually do the actuall shopping. And we are aware that not everyone is comfortable when it comes to asking prices to their SA (sales associate) because when shopping for designer stuffs most of the time price tag is the last thing that matter (because people will assume you have enough already to spend for designers goods). So… Thank you for your understanding regarding this delicate matter.

Do enjoy DBC!