About DBC

Hi bag lovers, Welcome to Designer Bag Catalog! The main purpose of this website is to be a lady’s best friend guide to bags, especially designer bags. It’s all started with me being very particular when searching for bags. I always have to spend numerous hours in the Internet or in shops (window shopping activities) to seek for a particular bag I saw in a magazine or from stumbling some sites, sometime even from a TV show or off a movie!

After always struggling to find a complete info of a bag (cuz I always like to know what season is the bag from, is it an outdated bag or is it the IT and HOT bag of the season), I decide to just have my own blog as a bag log diary, so I can always keep list of bags (designers’ bags – at least the one I am fond about) in an organized manner by its release season (time-line), designer, color, style, price and other nifty detail talks on the bag.

So If you know more of bags that should belong a particular catalog please let us know. We’re pretty sure we’ll miss listing some bags every once in a while (maybe we don’t have the picture, or the MSRP price, or detail of the bags) so please do Contact Us to keep this designer bag catalog to be girls’ & women’s best friend guide to bags.

FYI you can comment on each bag’s entry such as how to identify fake on that particular bags, or what is its special feature, or where to get a good deal on that particular bag, or just general comments. The reason I raise the authentication topics is to help bag lovers aware of many counterfeit designer items, so please please buy bags from trustworthy source to support designers =D –> I guess because I am a designer myself, I really hate counterfeit objects and anything that’s fake. If we have more time we’ll list “where can you get/buy the bag” to make sure you can obtain from a trustworthy store.